Corona Virus

Coronavirus is a viral disease. It is a congenital disease. First of all, it comes to China and spread out in all of the countries in the world. It spread very fastly. All the people are frightened of this Virus. Symptoms of this virus are cough, fever, and flu. An infected patient destroys in fourteen […]

City Life

Life in a city is quick,busy and charming.It is full of the facilities of the modern age.In cities there are schools,colleges and universities to educate the people.Here we find splendid buildings,vast road and crowded bazaars.Hospitals provide the people with medical facilities.There are public libraries,big parks,coffee-houses for the people. Historical buildings,museums,utility stores and zoo are also […]

Who am i?

My name is Tabish Iqbal.My father name is Yousaf Iqbal.My father is a Doctor. I am living in the Bum-more. When I was born I was so cute.We are four brothers.My number is second-one. When i was four year old i join my school. First day at school was very difficult for me because everything […]

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